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                            Wayne County Resources

                For Individuals with Autism and Their Families 

Below is a list of area resources provided by members of the Wayne County Autism Society, Way/SAC.  This list is not an endorsement of any services but is a guide we hope will be useful to individuals with Autism and their families.

Managers of Comprehensive Provider Networks -

YOUR CHOICE – helps you to select a managed care network           (888) 490-9698

Consumer Link Network, Inc.                                                       (888) 711-5465
1333 Brewery Park Blvd, Suite 300, Detroit, MI 48207

Synergy Partners, LLC                                                                (866) 724-7544 3031 West Grand Blvd., Detroit, MI 48202                                                        

Community Living Services, Inc.                                                   (866) 381-7600
35425 Michigan Avenue West, Wayne, MI 48184

Detroit-Wayne County Community Mental Health Agency              (313) 833-2421
640 Temple Street, 8th Floor, Detroit, MI 48201

Emergency Services

Wayne County Crisis Line and information & referral line                (313) 224-7000

Child Care Referrals 

Early On Michigan – 1-800-327-5966     Support system for children with special needs from birth to age three.  Project Find -1-800-252-0052 – Free evaluation for those children with disabilities.

 Education, Support, Advocacy & Referrals 

The ARC – provides services and advocacy to people with developmental disabilities

The ARC Detroit                                                               (313) 842-7010           Arc Downriver                                                                  (734) 283-0710
Arc of Dearborn/Dearborn Heights                                        (313) 945-0044
The Arc of Northwest Wayne County                                   (313) 532-7915 

Initial Evaluations and Referrals

Children’s Hospital                                                                             (313) 745-5785
University of Michigan Medical Center                                    (734) 764-7269    University of Detroit Mercy, Psychology Clinic                          (313) 578-0570    Henry Ford Center for Autism & Developmental Disabilities         (313) 916-4665   Eastern Michigan University Autism Collaborative Center            (734) 485-2890

 Therapy Centers for Individuals Without or With Insurance

Henry Ford Center for Autism & Developmental Disabilities         (313) 916-4665   Eastern Michigan University Autism Collaborative Center            (734) 485-2890

Children’s Hospital                                                                             (313) 745-5785 
Children’s Hospital Autism Center                                           (248) 305-6172
University of Michigan Medical Center                                     (734) 764-7269 
Building Bridges Therapy Center                                            (734) 454-0866
Judson Center Autism Connection                                          (734) 994-2300 
Psychsystems PC Developmental Disability Service                   (734) 729-7792

 Other Supports and Information

Autism Society of America                                                     800-328-8476 

Advocates for effective services and supports, offers reliable information, and provides a nationwide network of chapters so that parents, professionals and those on the Autism spectrum can meet, share resources and experiences attend conferences and receive the latest information.

Autism Society of Michigan (ASM)                                          (517) 882-2800

Offers support Services to people with Autism, their families and the professional who support them.       

Developmental Disabilities Institute (DDI)                                (313) 577-6368

The institute works with other agencies to provide Circle of Friends services.  These services may include statewide education, in school inclusion, community support, research and dissemination of services for the promotion of community inclusion, productivity independence/interdependence, self-determination, and natural supports for people with disabilities.

Latino Family Services                                                          (313) 841-3730

Provides outpatient, outreach, family support and case management for persons with developmental disabilities.

United Cerebral Palsy Foundation of Michigan                         (248) 557-5070

Provides education, training and advocacy for families who have a member with a developmental disability.  They can help with IEP’s and has listings for special ed programs. 


University of Michigan Dentistry                                                (734) 936-5950
Tri-County Dental Health Council                                               (248) 559-7767
   Through the United Way

 Enrichment Programs

Western Wayne County Therapeutic Recreation

Web site www.wwctr.info/.  will list some recreation programs.  There are different activities/events for the following: Canton Township, City of Dearborn, City of Livonia, City of Northville, Van Buren Township, City of Wayne, and City of Westland.  Anyone from Michigan can participate.  If you do not have access to a computer, let me know and I will send copies of the web sites.

The Children’s Center                                                            (313) 831-5520

To help children and families shape their own futures.  Utilizes: Art, Music, Play, Dance, Talk, Movement Journaling, Drumming, Behavior Modification, Activities for Daily Living.

 Financial Subsidy/Health Insurance

Wayne County Community Mental Health              

Dana Phillips                                                                                       (313) 833-2493

Tia Davis                                                                          (313) 833-2492

Families with a member who has a mental disability may be eligible for financial assistance through a monthly subsidy provided by this agency.  You may call either of these numbers for an application. 

MIChild                                                                               (888) 988-6300

A government health insurance program which provides very affordable health care coverage to uninsured children of Michigan’s working families.  Family income must fall below a specified monthly income limit depending on number of children.

 Legal Support

Michigan Department of Civil Rights                                             (313) 456-3700

State government agency that investigates claims of discrimination including claims under the Americans with Disabilities Act and Michigan’s Person’s with Disabilities Civil Rights Acts.

Michigan Protection and Advocacy                                        (800) 288-5923

Provides free legal advice and advocacy regarding rights of people with disabilities.  They also provide a great, easy to read manual explaining the rights of people with disabilities under state and federal law.