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Wayne County Autism Society is a non profit organization.  We are the Local Chapter of the national Autism Society of America. 

Autism can range from mild to severe, thus it is considered a spectrum disorder.  Autism impairs socialization and communication and may cause differences in the way an individual processes information and responds to sensory input.

There is currently no known cause of Autism.  We only know that it is on the rise and is reaching epidemic proportions.  Currently the rate for Autism is 1 in 88 and continues to increase. Our wish is that there is a cure for Autism.  Our hope is that each child grows to be a productive adult.

Contact us at:  P O Box 532564, Livonia, MI 48153
                           Voice mail #734-259-8942
                           e-mail:  mi-waynecounty@autismsocietyofamerica.org
                           Web site:  waynecountyautismsociety.net 

You may also contact the Autism Society at 1-800-3autism or go to